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Here you can get the tools to generate more leads and referrals, implement marketing and sales strategies that convert and cross-sell effortlessly, improve efficiency and profit-per-hour… all using proven real-world strategies and the latest technology to help you focus on what you do best.


James Veigli

The trusted business advisor to thousands of finance industry professionals around the world. He is the founder of Broker Profits Vault, author and creator of dozens of published articles, videos and business-building programs. James is driven to share his knowledge with finance industry communities; because he knows first-hand how hard it can be without the right information, real-world guidance and support.

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James Veigli

James Veigli – Founder, Broker Profits Vault


Tremendous Knowledge & Intelligence

“James is a thoughtful and considerate guy with tremendous knowledge and intelligence. James is adept at building programs that take advantage of new technologies to deliver quality training to his clients. We like working with people who care about the results they achieve for their students and James falls into this category.”

Paul Eldridge
Chief Executive Officer
Intellitrain Pty Ltd

A Marketing Genius!

“James is the Goose that laid the Golden Egg! His innovative ways of marketing in the finance business is unprecedented, and has changed the way I think and run my business, I consider him a marketing genius. If you are looking to save thousands of hours in reading the marketing masters, or skyrocket your profits with new ideas, look no further…and bring a bucket to catch all the golden eggs.”

Anton Hamer
Loan Advisor
Plan Assist Property Team 

Innovative Solutions For Brokers

“James greatest talents relate to his innovative solutions for brokers – especially highly talented professionals looking to push against the boundaries of conventional wisdom and ‘old-style thinking’. One of the finest mentors in the mortgage game today, I believe.”

Glen Pergl
The Good Mortgage Guy
Refresh Home Loans