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  • The six proven business multiplying strategies that are easy, fast and anyone can do. They will free-up your time, increase your cash-flow and start your phone ringing with new deals today.
  • A simple system that sky-rocketed my income from literally zero to consistently banking $10,000-$20,000 per month in commissions just 12 weeks later – all by doing just six simple things that had me working less and taking more holidays than every other broker.
  • How I rapidly grew my income without having to see any clients, without leaving home, working flexible hours, and without having to spend lots of money. I even stopped networking and fired demanding referral partners!
  • How to escape the “broking trap” and start earning good consistent money.

I know that not only I, but anyone can do this – if you get access to these six proven strategies.

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What Others Say About James

“I was working crazy hours in my business and felt that the business owned me and not the other way around. Being a control freak, I had a fear of letting go. Working with James has opened my eyes to how differently things can be – it will mean I get my life back.”

Kerry Kalendra
Owner, Optim Financial

“James’ program helped me quadruple my income in 3 months and have more time.”

Abdul El-Dib
Owner, Fast Repay Home Loan

“James recently presented at our Loans Actually PD Day. He provided a thought provoking presentation to our group, which was well received. I would recommend James to present at any of my colleagues future functions.”

Barry Oxley
Owner, Loans Actually

“James is probably the most energetic person that I have met in this industry. He has brilliant ideas that can make a real difference to a business. James simplified what we have been trying to do for years and at the same time made us more professional in the way we touch our clients. We regularly receive repeat business purely due to his strategy. I only wish that I had some of these tools when starting out.”

Nicholas Don
Managing Director, Odyssey Financial

“James is the Goose that laid the Golden Egg! His innovative ways of marketing in the finance business is unprecedented, and has changed the way I think and run my business, I consider him a marketing genius. If you are looking to save thousands of hours in reading the marketing masters, or skyrocket your profits with new ideas, look no further and bring a bucket to catch all the golden eggs.”

Anton Hamer
Loan Advisor, Plan Assist

“James greatest talents relate to his innovative solutions for brokers – especially highly talented professionals looking to push against the boundaries of conventional wisdom and ‘old-style thinking’. One of the finest mentors in the mortgage game today, I believe.”

Glen Pergl
Mortgage Broker, The Good Mortgage Guy

“James is a thoughtful and considerate guy with tremendous knowledge and intelligence. James is adept at building programs that take advantage of new technologies to deliver quality training to his clients. We like working with people who care about the results they achieve for their students and James falls into this category.”

Paul Eldridge
CEO, Intellitrain

“I have found James to be very easy to work with and he’s got fantastic ability… He got his head around the new industry of Credit Repair very quickly and we only had to stop work so I could catch up… I look forward to the next contract together. Thanks James, I really mean it. Thanks. :-)”

Graham Doessel
Founder, MyCRA

“James really added a lot of value to my business in showing me techniques and resources to introduce a many faceted model for my clients. My clients can now choose how much or how little assistance they want and I can serve more clients with more services. The course was great and the mentoring was exactly what I needed.”

Jane Slack-Smith
Owner, Investors Choice Mortgages

“I have had the benefit of working with James for a few years and have always found his approach to business to be professional and his positive “can do” approach is to his credit. I have no hesitation in recommending James.”

Graham Reibelt
Director, Oasis Mortgage Group

“I first saw James present at a conference in Adelaide in 2011 and it was clear from the get go that James had a deep understanding of what his clients needed in their businesses. The main difference was James went far beyond the normal marketing mantra you hear from other presenters. In fact I felt quite uncomfortable hearing some home truths about my business! There is no doubt James is an expert in his field.”

Michael Bagshaw
Owner, Statewide Business

“James operates with the highest level of integrity and he is a really personable person to work with. I cannot recommend James highly enough. The knowledge, skills and enthusiasm he brings to the industry is infectious.”

Tracey Clarke
Owner, I Administrate Your Loan

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