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The 10X Broker Plan

How to Break $100M+ a year in loans... without working any harder!

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TIP: This is not one of those standard boring webinars... and there is nothing for sale during this online workshop. Enjoy!

What You Will Learn On This Free Online Workshop:

SECRET: The 3-part "ACS" blueprint that mortgage brokers and mortgage business owners around the world are using to attract more leads, close more loans, leverage time and grow their businesses easier and faster.

SECRET: We'll complete a quick Self-Assessment Exercise together... so you can instantly see where you're stuck and what area of your business needs attention most right now. This is a huge eye-opener, and not to be missed.

SECRET: Learn the #1 reason why most marketing and lead generation fails, and how to fix it. If you've ever spent a dollar on advertising, but got nothing to show for it, you absolutely need to learn this.

SECRET: The "5 Communities" Framework for optimal Engagement and conversion. This helps a mortgage broker become the go-to expert almost instantly - without having to be "salesy".

SECRET: Most Mortgage Brokers are wasting up to 50% of their time every single day, doing jobs they hate! I'll share with you The 5 Levels to $100M+ p.a. in deals.


James Veigli has helped thousands of mortgage professionals from all over the world ATTRACT more leads and referrals (without cold-calling), easily CONVERT them into clients (without hard-selling) and LEVERAGE their time (without building a big expensive team) so they can GROW their business exponentially - without working any harder.

Starting in 2005 he worked as a mortgage broker, beginning with nothing and quickly building up a solid six-figure income: working 100% from home, with no formal staff or office, working flexible hours, and taking 10-12 weeks holiday each year.

Since 2008 he has been teaching Mortgage Professionals from United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK (from start-ups to seven-figure operators) and is one of the most sought-after marketing, sales and strategic business advisors in the Mortgage Industry today.

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