Here's what we do.

We help mortgage professionals around the world grow their businesses fast.

We do NOT mentor new entrants or help with loan writing skills.

We focus exclusively on helping mortgage professionals attract more leads, connect and convert more effectively, and scale their time and expertise.

We have helped many mortgage professionals around the world double, triple and even 10X their income, while working less hours and far less stress.

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#1 Mortgage Industry Advisors and Coaches

James Veigli

10X Strategy Advisor

Attract. Connect. Scale.

James Veigli has been in the mortgage and finance industry since 2002. He founded Broker Profits Vault in 2008 and started THE10XBROKER in 2016.

Known internationally for helping mortgage professionals double, triple and even 10X their commissions, in record time, while working less.  

He is a prolific creator of leading tools and training for the mortgage industry; including The 10X Broker Plan, The $100M Blueprint and Finance Business Accelerator to name just a few.  

A mortgage broker himself (now retired), who went from zero to six-figure income in just 6-months... working 100% from home, with no staff, flexible part-time hours, and took 12 weeks off a year.

Ash Playsted

10X Strategy Advisor

Business. Performance. Mindset.

A mortgage industry veteran of 20+ years; Ash has written thousands of loans, hired dozens of brokers, setup large partnerships, built and exited multiple mortgage businesses.  

In short: he's been there and done that.  

He is a master of mortgage business, strategy and mindset, and has the real-world experience to help mortgage professionals and business owners reach that next level.

Ash is the lead advisor in THE10XBROKER Mastermind, coaching our ambitious mortgage professional members to 10X results.

Clare Brown

10X Momentum Coach

Actions. Results. Systems.

With a diverse background in Engineering, Teaching, Coaching and Mortgage Broker Support, Clare is brilliant at taking big picture Game Plan strategy and transforming them into clear actionable steps.  

She works closely with 10X Members to build momentum in a way that suits their business and personality, and keeps members on track and held accountable to their goals.

Clare is also the General Manager of Broker Profits Vault and THE10XBROKER Mastermind, in charge of new members, the team, systems and business operations.

Cedric Chenefront

10X Momentum Coach

Plan. Accountability. Support.

Cedric has over 15 years of diverse experience across the Finance, Property, Government and Education sectors.

His coaching style blends a wealth of business and marketing smarts, along with mindfulness and humour to get mortgage brokers more focused and into high gear.

Mapping out clear action plans, busting through roadblocks, maximising opportunities and holding members accountable is what gets results fast.

Cedric lives in Melbourne and coaches 10X members in Australia and New Zealand.

Attract. Connect. Scale.