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Here are a few case studies of mortgage brokers we have helped. Some are in their first year of business, others are 30+ year veterans. Some are solo, others have over a dozen staff. Some write $2M per month in loans, others do $20M+.

The common theme to getting results is clear: They all made the decision to invest in their business. They all take our advice. They all take action.

Nicole Cannon. Sydney, Australia.  

A broker for 19 years, Nicole was stuck and unable to propel her business forward. THE10XBROKER helped her identify roadblocks and implement systems and team to solve them, within 9 months she was lodging $10M+ each month.

Ryan Baddock. Queensland, Australia.  

Ryan was following the same pattern of working hard for inconsistent results year after year. THE10XBROKER has supported Ryan in building a genuine business with consistent and diverse lead flow, robust workflows and processes, and effective HR systems. He now works less, writes $100M per year and has built life-long friends.

Ben White. Sydney, Australia.  

Since joining THE10XBROKER in 2019, Ben has implemented systems, technology, staffing, and processes, growing his business year-on-year by 60%, 110%, and then 180%. His business is now more bulletproof, able to handle growth, as well as providing a 6-star performance to clients.

Mark Kevin. New South Wales, Australia.  

With the help of THE10XBROKER Mark has built his business from $1-2M per month to $100M in the first full financial year. The value he gets from the coaching, the community and professional development is second-to-none and THE10XBROKER will be a long term partner for his continue business growth and success.

Tim Cavanagh. Perth, Australia.  

With THE10XBROKER, Tim and his business partner went from struggling to make their business plans happen, to building an efficient and automated process, clear roles for their growing team and a strong customer proposition. Achieving an 3x increase in their results in 18-months, they are now ready to 'press the button' and scale significantly.

Corey Goldby. New South Wales, Australia.  

Corey wasn't writing enough to support his family and he struggled with visibility of workflows in his business. THE10XBROKER gave him the confidence in himself to take the scary steps needed build his ideal business. The business model and systems he installed have taken him from $1.5-$2M per month, to $10M+ per month with far less reliance on him.

David and Helen Fraser. Melbourne, Australia.  

Within two years, David and Helen Fraser went from $2M-$3M to consistently average $10-12M per month. THE10XBROKER has shown them how to scale their business and implement processes and systems so they can take advantage of every referral opportunity.

Nathan Massie. Melbourne, Australia.  

Nathan was caught in the classic cycle of too busy, then not busy enough. Within 12 months he has gone from 1-2 deals a month, to consistently doing 15-20 deals a month and has capacity to grow much more.

Stuart Bayliss. Sydney, Australia.  

A long time in the industry, Stuart was doubtful that work-life balance was possible for mortgage brokers. Since joining THE10XBROKER he now has two team members, he is no longer on call 24/7, and his phone rings less but more business consistently rolls in.

Sanket Patel. Melbourne, Australia.  

THE10XBROKER has provided Sanket with the coaching, support and resources to establish his team roles and systems, so he can focus on client acquisition and business growth. His revenue is now consistently growing, and he is working towards an end-to-end fully online client process.

Gayle Stapleton. Queensland, Australia.  

Gayle wanted to scale her business and with the help of THE10XBROKER has grown her volume 40% this year. The more she utilises the support and resources, the more value she gets. Gayle particularly loves being part of the 10X Tribe.

Parth Shah. Melbourne, Australia.  

Within 9 months of joining THE10XBROKER, Parth increased volume 200% and cut work hours 25%. With a clear process and support he now writes $7-9M+ a month and has a solid plan to double that again. UPDATE Parth is now an MPA Top 100 Broker!

Sam Panetta. Sydney, Australia.  

THE10XBROKER gave Sam the actionable insights to building a scalable mortgage business fast. Within 12-months he transformed his business model into a 1-touch delivery system, that runs (and continues to grow) with or without him.

Richard Khuong and Janey Gu. Sydney, Australia.

With the help of THE10XBROKER, Richard and Janey built their ideal business in just 3-years. From $1.5M a month to $15M+ a month in loans, with a well-oiled team that provides work-life balance for their young family.

Nigel Pritchard. Sydney, Australia.  

A solo broker for 10-years, running around doing everything and working up to 100 hours a week. Within 12-months of joining THE10XBROKER, Nigel doubled loan volume, built a well-performing team, and works less than half the time.

Jason He. Sydney, Australia.  

THE10XBROKER gave Jason the blueprint for an effective and efficient mortgage business that can run with or without him. He now has structure, clear objectives and outcomes and can step away from the business while everything just works.

Todd and Lischelle Franzway. Tweed Shire, Australia.  

Todd and Lischelle were working long hours and unable to take family holidays. Since joining THE10XBROKER they have grown their team and implemented systems and processes; doubling their volume while gaining back precious time with their family.

Alex McRae. Sydney, Australia.  

Owns 3 x ANZ Mobile Lending Franchises. He hit a flat spot and was confused about his model and team roles. THE10XBROKER helped him streamline systems, settle consistent high volumes with less staff, and focus on driving the business more effectively.

Chris Gillis and JJ Fiasson. Sydney, Australia.  

In the last 18 months, Chris and JJ have taken their business from averaging $2.5M to now writing $10M+ per month. They have recently added two full-time brokers to their team, and have installed efficient processes to get more done in less time.

James Clark. Melbourne, Australia.  

The Accelerate Key Partners program helped James build 5 professional partnerships with referrers. He was energised by the coaching and the resources gave him everything he needed step-by-step to succeed.

Mike Willoughby. Auckland, New Zealand.  

Since completing the Accelerate Key Partners Program, Mike has blown away his digital marketing results. By following the processes taught, he now has three key referral partners sending 15-20 warm referrals every week.

Ezabella Ghaly. Sydney, Australia.  

Through the Accelerate Key Partners Program (formerly FBA Program) Ezabella has established a process that works to build and embed new referral partnerships on demand. Now she is receiving referrals every week and is moving from broking as a day-to-day job to a real business.

Sarah Hudson. Melbourne, Australia.  

Previously Sarah struggled to get enough leads to build her business. Since completing the Accelerate Key Partners program she is now busy with clients from her four new referral partnerships. The accountability and support received from her coach was key to Sarah's success.

Hardik Patel. Adelaide, Australia.  

Hardik used the support of his coach and took consistent action in the Accelerate Key Partners program to form four new referral partnerships and install the Trusted Advisor sales process. He is now consistently growing his business with weekly warm referrals and increased conversions.

Timothy Bertrand. Sydney, Australia.  

The Accelerate Key Partners Program gave Tim the structures and support needed to establish three key referrers in three months. He loved the genuine support he received from his coach and the group.

Yan Huang. Auckland, New Zealand.  

Yan was new to industry and stuck in lockdown in Auckland. Despite these challenges, Yan used our Accelerate Key Partners strategy and the accountability provided by his coach to establish 3 Key Partners sending him new business.

Domarina Pireh. Sydney, Australia.  

Since joining THE10XBROKER Domi is working less, is relaxed, and has doubled her business. She now has the ability to structure herself, her time, and how she trains staff. With systems in place she has time to work on the business and prioritise where her time is spent.

Adil Rahman. Ontario, Canada.

Went from closing 2-3 deals a month to closing 15-20 deals every month in just 2-years. Adil used the advice, training and support in THE10XBROKER and grew his business 1000%, literally 10X.

Jeff Kerwin. Hamilton, New Zealand.  

Jeff and his business partner set a very ambitious goal, which they thought was unachievable. We helped break this goal down and supported them through every step. In their first 6-months of 10X they hit every target towards reaching this 'unachievable' goal.

Stephen McClatchie. Melbourne, Australia.  

An MPA Top 100 broker, whose settlements jumped 30% in just 12-months, and is now building his team to hit $200M+. THE10XBROKER gives Stephen access to world-class strategies in a simple, fast and systemised way.

Paul Zahra. Melbourne, Australia.  

Tripled revenue and doubled profit. 10X helped Paul create a clear strategy to attract his target clients and to build his brand, reputation and referral partnerships.

Chris Godwin. Sydney, Australia.  

Chris’s business was chaotic and lacking in systems and processes. THE10XBROKER provided him with the framework and support to transform his business from unpredictable to structured; build inflow systems and a team; and drive consistent results.

Beryl Colley. Lower Hutt, New Zealand.  

Was stuck and getting complacent after 17 years in the industry. THE10XBROKER opened her to a world of new ideas and industry connections. Beryl has gone from old-school to implementing a fully online and automated marketing and client follow-up system in a matter of months using the THE10XBROKER strategies.

Aaron Whybrow. Sydney, Australia.

Has been in the mortgage industry 6-years. After joining THE10XBROKER, his submissions almost tripled in just 6-months. Aaron loves the specific tools, community and advisors he can learn from and share ideas with.

Jane Slack-Smith. Melbourne, Australia.

A multi-award-winning broker who implemented James' Fee-For-Service strategies. That specific program gave Jane a step-by-step process to add tens of thousands in revenue to her business... while increasing client outcomes, satisfaction and stickyness.

John, Ross and David. Event attendees.

They all loved the open, trusting community of mortgage professionals. All taking valuable time out of their businesses to be inspired, share best-practice... and learn strategies and tactics they weren't aware of. Nobody knows it all.

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