Our society has reached a sad state where my legal advisors say that in order to protect myself, my business and those around me that I care about, I must include this statement of no liability.  

The statements below may sound serious and full of ‘legal-jargon’, but they are not only for my protection, but also yours.  

1. These materials are copyright by Business Profits Group. If you copy, publish or distribute any part of the information without prior written permission from Business Profits Group, then you will be sued.  

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In the case of tangible products, you are entitled to choose a refund or exchange or credit if; the products you’ve bought are faulty, significantly different to those shown or described to you, or not doing what they are supposed to do. When you buy, you should choose carefully. You don’t automatically get a refund for simply changing your mind, unless this was an express condition of the sale.  

In the case of intangible, irrevocable products, you are not entitled to a refund after the product is delivered. You are held responsible for understanding this upon purchasing intangible products from us or any third party provider, affiliate, partner or associated entity.  

Please keep your receipt or tax invoice as proof of purchase.  


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Your Personal Information  

We collect and securely store your personal information. This information is requested and kept for the purposes of administering our business activities and providing you with requested information, products and services, as well as other relevant information and updates. The database used to collect, store and send you product and service offers are managed by a secure third party provider, designed to safeguard the security and privacy of your personal information. If you desire not to receive electronic communications from us (e-mail) you may click the ‘unsubscribe’ link provided at the bottom of the emails to be permanently removed. We will never sell, rent, distribute or disclose your personal information to any third party without your prior consent, unless legally compelled to do so. Security Data security for your online credit card transactions is handled by third-party providers. These providers have been selected because of their commitment to ensuring the security of your personal and credit card information. They both use the latest in security and fraud prevention technologies. We do not have access to your credit card information if you provide them online to our third-party providers when purchasing products or services.  

Should you provide your credit card or account details to us via fax, post, over the phone or in person for the purposes of purchasing a product or service, we will provide these details to our third-party providers only for the purpose of processing transactions for the purchase of nominated products or services as outlined by you. When you provide your credit card or account information to us, we will securely store your information in an offline secure locked storage system, only accessible by our employees or contract service providers for purposes of satisfying your requests.  


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